Olavs Menn was founded in late 2012 by Pål Karlsen, a previous member of the now defunct Askim Wolves club.  The team started as a small group of friends with a desire to start an American football club in Sarpsborg.  In early February 2013, Travis Cornwell, an American who had been living in Norway since 2011, joined the team and was offered the roles of both Head Coach and quarterback. 

From that point forward, the team aquired more players and was able to participate in their first scrimmage against the Kolbotn Hunters in June of 2013.  Olavs Menn lost the scrimmage handily to the more established team but received game experience that would prove invaluable to the group of eager rookies.

Training continued throughout the summer and in late August, Olavs Menn was featured on the NRK television program "Norge Rundt."  This television exposure helped Olavs Menn recruit more players and in September that year the team participated in their second scrimmage against the Tønsberg Raiders in which Olavs Menn recorded their first victory.

In October 2013, the team was invited to play in a fall tournament with Kolbotn Hunters, Drammen Warriors, and their cross-town rivals, Fredrikstad Kings.  The team won their first official game against Drammen Warriors 32-28.  The following weekend the team traveled to Kolbotn, where they lost 6-24.  As a consolation prize, it should be noted that Olavs Menn were the only team to score against the Hunters during the Fall Tournament.  Olavs Menn then met their rival, Fredrikstad Kings, and came away with a 46-0 victory and a second place finish in the tournament.

Olavs Menn entered their first season in the Norwegian 2nd Division in the spring of 2014 and finished with a 2-3 record.

A U-17 team was founded in August that year and both teams have signed up to play in the 2015 series.








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