Oslo Vikings to attend training weekend with Olavs Menn

Published on 15.03.2015, 11:05

The Vikings are coming.


This weekend, the Oslo Vikings travel to Sarpsborg to hold a pre-season training camp with Olavs Menn.

The club, which was founded in 1986, has won multiple national championships and  competed against some of the best clubs in Europe as well as various American collegiate teams.  The Vikings, who currently compete in the 1st division (soon to be known as the "Elite Series") will bring to Sarpsborg 55 players and their staff of experienced coaches.


An elite coaching staff


Few teams in the 2nd division have the opportunity to train with and learn from such an experienced coaching staff. 

The Vikings are lead by their American head coach, Jesse Alderfer.  Coach Alderfer has played for Oslo since 2009 as both a safety and linebacker.  With him, we are fortunate to have some of the best players and coaches the Vikings have to offer:


Offensive Line: Alex Moe (Norway)

Defensive Line: Henrik Dahl (Norway)*

Linebackers: Finn-Jarle Mathisen (Norway)* and Mike Bergey (USA)

Runningbacks: Jan Jørgensen (Norway)

Quarterbacks: Derek Mann (Canada)

Strength / Defensive Line:  Petter Vogt (Norway)


*It should be noted that Henrik Dahl and Finn-Jarle Mathisen are members of both the NoAFF Hall of Fame and 20th Anniversary All-Time All Star Team.


Excited to learn from the best


The Olavs Menn players and coaching staff have been looking forward to this training camp since January, when the agreement to hold a training camp with the Vikings was made.

"I'm excited for our guys to get some more in-depth coaching at their individual positions," says Olavs Menn head coach, Travis Cornwell.

"This is an incredible opportunity for our young team to learn from some of the best players and coaches in the league.  We have aspirations to play for a championship this season and with the tough competition we will face, this training camp will no doubt help us on our journey."


Grizzlies get in on the action


A few players from Grenland Grizzlies have also been invited to this Friday's camp.  From across the fjord they will bring ten players.  Among them will be Stian Larsen, Grizzlies coach and defensive end.  Since Grenland will not enter competition until the 2016 season, Larsen will sign with Olavs Menn as a defensive end in 2015.

"Stian is a beast of a man and will be a huge asset for Olavs Menn this season," says Cornwell.  "We're also looking forward to meeting the rest of his guys this weekend."

Olavs Menn will also hold a common practice / mixed team scrimmage with the Grizzlies the following Friday (27/3).


Both events are open to the public


If you are interested in watching the Vikings camp or the practice with the Grizzlies please note the following times and locations:


Vikings Camp

Skjeberg Sportsplass kunstgress

Friday, 20/3 at 19:00


Grizzlies Camp

Skjeberg Sportsplass kunstgress

Friday, 27/3 at 19:00


Address: Stasjonsveien, 1745 Skjeberg

Field is located near the intersection of Rv 110 and Rv 118

From E6 take the Solbergkrysset exit toward Skjeberg stasjon










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